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Mother Theresa

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Mother Theresa – Religious Servant Leader



"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

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        Born August 27, 1920 in Macedonia

        Took initial vows as a nun on May 24, 1931 in India

        Taught at St. Mary’s High School until 19848 when the suffering and poverty surrounding her inspired her to devote herself to working amongst the poorest of the poor in the Calcutta slums.

        Had no funds, but relied on Divine Providence, and soon she was joined by many volunteers and financial support

        In 1950 was given permission to start a new order, ‘The Missionaries of Charity’, whose task was to love and care for those forgotten by everyone else

        Has won many awards including:

  • Pope John Paul XXIII Peace Prize (1971)
  • Nehru Prize (1972)
  • Balzan Prize (1979)
  • Nobel Peace Prize (1979)

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Servant Leadership Traits:

Vision- Mother Theresa had a vision for all of the poor and unwanted children of the world to be loved again and have a better future

Credibility & Trust- Mother Theresa was trusted by volunteers she worked with and the poor people whom she took care of. She built this trust through the servant leadership style, and was not there for her own glory of fame, she was there only to serve others.

Pioneering- Mother Theresa was helping people who no-one had helped in the past. She was responsible for the forming of the new order.

Appreciation of others- Mother Theresa was not judgmental towards the poor and sick, and saw them simply as people who had been forgotten by the modern world.


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