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Sir Richard Branson

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Sir Richard Branson
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Sir Richard Branson – Charismatic Business Leader


"However tight things are, you still need to have big picture at the forefront of your mind."

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Born on July 18, 1950

Had dyslexia as a child

Captained both the football and cricket teams at school

Established and failed two businesses at age 15; growing Christmas trees and breeding budgies

Published his first student magazine at the age of 16

Did not graduate from high school

In 1972 started a discount record store Virgin Records in Oxford Street, London

Virgin Records label signed the likes of The Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones. Took Virgin into the business of books, credit cards, mobile phones, aviation and so on….

Awarded a Knighthood in 1999 for his “entrepreneurship”

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Leadership Traits:

Born leader – Sir Richard demonstrated leadership at school through captaincies

Charismatic leader - Sir Richard captures his audience wherever he goes

Transformational leader – Sir Richard utilises the expertise of his followers and inspires them to achieve their highest goals

Ambitious – Sir Richard, even at a young age, wanted to achieve business success

Lead by example – Sir Richard has made a success of branding himself and his actions

Want to read more about Sir Richard’s flamboyancy?

Click here for the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent interview with Sir Richard on 20 June 2000 regarding the pending arrival of Virgin Airways in Australia.

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